1% for Climate Change

We believe that climate change has been the biggest issue facing humanity for decades, even though governments and industry have done little about it. At this point, the clock has run out and we all need to act now. To do our part, we've committed 1% of any top-line revenue this site generates to support direct carbon capture efforts. Committing 1% of all revenue is a movement started by Patagonia's 1% for the Planet.

It's very easy to waste money when trying to purchase carbon offsets or donate to environmental causes, so by giving to organizations vetted by Stripe Climate, we feel confident that our contributions aren't wasted and are actually contributing to help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Self-Imposed Carbon Tax

We think of this as a self-imposed carbon tax. Because we are pledging 1% of our top-line revenue, there's nowhere to hide.

You'll often hear of businesses pledging a percentage of their profits, but there are a lot of different ways to use accounting techniques to hide a profit. If you're really cynical and control a business or organization, it can be as simple as paying yourself a higher salary.

But, with a 1% commitment of all revenue, whether we lose money or turn a profit in any given year, our committment is the same. 1% doesn't sound like much, but in fact, when you look at the income statement of most businesses, 1% of total revenue is almost always more than a traditional tithe of 10% of their profits or personal income.

Our 1% pledge is an uncompromised committment to tackling the crisis that is beseiging our natural world, only home at the moment in the universe. We hope you'll join us in this committment with whatever resources you have available. And, we urge you to support politicians that will enact a real carbon tax so that we can unleash the ingenuity of the market to tackling this problem as quickly as possible, all while growing our economy and creating 21st century jobs.

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