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  • Brad Paisley on Mick Jagger

    When they were in Nashville, they came in a couple of days early. What they do, which is really neat, when you tour at the level they're at, they sort of take over a city. When The Rolling Stones are coming—and you remember when they were here—Nashville was buzzing for several days. It was like, "There's a Mick Jagger sighting!" We ended up going to dinner at Etch here in town. And what was funny about that was that Mick had said—I had said, well when you get in town you wanna go eat? We've got some great new restaurants, and he said, "Yeah." He picked the restaurant, and I thought for sure he's got people that do that. When we sat down to eat I said, "I've never been here before, how'd you find this?" He said, "Oh yeah I think Trip Advisor or something like that." [Laughs] He, like looked it up, and it said this is great. He said, "It said this is great, I thought we should try it." The next thing you know we're sitting there and I said, "You've gotta come back when we can be here without anybody knowing, and see if we can record and you can experience the city and really see what the creative process is like in this town," and I never expected him to say. "Yeah let's do it," and he did. Next thing you know three months later he was at my house.