George Harrison on The Traveling Wilburys

The thing about the Wilburys to me is, if we'd of tried to plan that, or if anybody had tried to say, you know, "Let's form this band and get these people in it," it would never happen. It's impossible. And, the thing happened completely just by magic, just by circumstances. Maybe there was a full moon that night or something like that. It was quite a magical little thing really. I had dinner with Roy Orbison and Jeff [Lynne], and I said to Jeff, "Look tomorrow I'm just gonna go in the studio and make up a tune, and do you wanna come and help?" And he said, "Sure." Bob [Dylan] we knew had this little studio. I phone Bob up, I mean sometimes you can call him and not get through for years. He picked up first ring and said, "Sure come on over." My guitar was at Tom Petty's house, so Tom, Jeff picked me up, we went over to Bob's. I got the first line, it said, "Been beat up, battered around," and then, wham. They just kept coming with all these lines. And, there's Bob saying, "Well what's it called, what's it about?" Well I finally saw behind a door this big box with a sticker on it saying, "HANDLE WITH CARE." I said, "Handle With Care?" He said, "Oh yeah, good."

The True History of The Traveling Wilburys (Documentary)

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