Glyn Johns on Ian Stewart

It was through the window of the Harlequin that I was to catch my first sight of Ian Stewart. He would ride by on his racing bike, cutting a very athletic figure in his leather cycling shorts, his exaggerated chin thrust forward from the exertion of pedaling up the hill on Cheam High Street. He was three or four years older than me and we were not to meet until I was seventeen or eighteen, and boy did that change my life.

Sound Man

This quote appears in the "Early Years" chapter of Glyn Johns' autobiography, Sound Man. The Harlequin was a coffee shop that Glyn would frequent as a teenager. Here's how he describes it: "Sometimes smaller groups of us would meet in the Harlequin coffee bar in Cheam, making a round of toast and a cup of tea last until we were asked to leave by the owner, Mrs. Hughes. Little did I know then that twenty years later she would become my mother-in-law."

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