Quotes About Magic Moments

  • Glyn Johns on Ian Stewart

    We moved in together and the one piece of furniture that Stu brought with him was his upright piano. I remember waking up one morning to the sound of the most extraordinary blues music wafting up from the living room along with the usual smell of deliberately burned toast that he would make every morning. I went to investigate, to find Stu sitting at the piano, wearing nothing but his underpants, with an open letter on the stool beside him. The contents of the letter, apparently from an old flame, had upset him to such an extent that the only way he could deal with it was to play the blues. I felt like I was intruding, so I went back to my room where, for the next hour or so, I was treated to this impromptu outpouring of emotion by one of the finest blues musicians I have ever come across.

    Sound Man

    This quote appears in the "Stu '62" chapter of the Glyn Johns autobiography, Sound Man. Glyn and Stu became fast friends and eventually roommates. Glyn describes there house like this: "Stu kept all of the Stones' gear at the house, so we would appropriate guitar amps various from the loft in the roof to use for our sound system, which was very rarely silent, and incredibly loud. Fortunately, the house was in the middle of a large plot a long way back from the road and the neighbors on either side were some distance away. There were many great parties at 'The Bungalow,' with much coming and going. There was always something going on, but because we were all so busy we never seemed to get under each other's feet."