What Is Please Quote Me?

This is not a quote site full of generic platitudes or aphorisms attributed to Mark Twain. We're attempting to build a "geneology" or taxonomy of creative influence and human ingenuity by archiving what leaders in every field throughout history have had to say about their peers.

It Takes One to Know One

This site was inpsired by the Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain classic Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk, a scene in the Jay Reatard documentary Better Than Something where Jay talks about how growing up he learned about new bands by checking out any band that an artist he already liked mentioned in an interview, and by a passage in Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art where he writes:

“The professional senses who has served his time and who hasn't. Like Alan Ladd and Jack Palance circling each other in Shane, a gun recognizes another gun.”

Who's Behind This?

Please Quote Me is produced by Lee McAlilly, a web designer and developer in Nashville, TN, and the founder of guitar strap brand Original Fuzz.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

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